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Our campus is nestled at the foot of White Mountain in the middle of the Red Desert. Western houses the natural history museum, art gallery, library, fitness facilities, and pool, all under one roof. Take a guided or self-guided tour!

Western Wyoming Community College is a public, tax-supported, two-year, co-educational institution accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges & Schools, recognized by the Wyoming State Department of Education and the Veteran's Administration, and an Equal Opportunity Employer. It is under the control of a locally elected Board of Trustees responsible for governing Western Wyoming Community College District.

Western offers two-year transfer degrees for students who plan to pursue a baccalaureate, two-year occupational degrees, a Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Management with a choice of two areas of emphasis, and a number of 1- and 2-semester occupational certificates for students who plan to directly enter the workforce or who want to learn new skills or brush up on others.  Many of the certificates are embedded within the corresponding occupational degrees.

Programs include:

For details on a specific academic program, see Major Programs.

Become prepared to lead, manage, and grow diverse organizations and integrate technology to help businesses succeed and create products that revolutionize our future.  Business, Computer Science, and Computer Information Systems are fast-growing areas with plenty of growth potential and space for you to make a difference.   

The Business department at Western uses a curriculum that stresses analysis and communication, emphasizing both theory and practice with a uniquely talented group of instructors with extensive real-world business experience.  Our faculty have operated their own businesses, managed global business and marketing programs, and have been practicing attorneys and corporate bankers.  The classes integrate real-world experiences through case studies, simulations and games. 

Computer Science and Computer Information Systems are academic disciplines that are the wave of the future.  Professionals in this field have knowledge and expertise in computer coding, web development, cybersecurity, software applications, social and digital media, cloud computing, and information and records management.  After coursework in this program, you will be the expert people and businesses turn to when it comes to applying technology to business applications. 

The business degree prepares students to become entrepreneurs, work as managers or take on positions in specialized areas, such as accounting, marketing or finance. This program introduces core business concepts providing the necessary business foundation for students planning to transfer to a four year program. Many students often go on to specialize in an area, such as economics, marketing, project management, finance, human resource management, accounting, international business or information systems. General business administration programs are available, however, for those who don't want to specialize.

Common core courses include financial and managerial accounting, management, business statistics, financial management, marketing and microeconomics.

The Information Systems program provides students with a strong foundation in cross-functional business processes and the application of information systems to support them.

Students will gain a competitive advantage in today’s rapidly changing business environment.  Information Systems program courses offer instruction in software applications, communications, customer service, decision making, and office procedures, all of which provide students with the skills they need for everyday running of a business.  Program outcomes include:

  • Gain comprehensive computer application skills
  • Obtain information management skills
  • Develop soft skills for the workplace
  • Enhance verbal and written communication
  • Explore emerging technologies used in an office environment

According to the Association for Computing Machinery Committee for Computing Education in Community Colleges (ACM CCECC; 2022), “Computer science involves design and innovation developed from computing principles.” The Computer Science program at Western Wyoming Community College prepares students in the following knowledge elements: 

  • Analysis and critical thinking
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Ethical and intercultural perspectives
  • Mathematics and statistics
  • Multi-task prioritization and management
  • Oral communications and presentation
  • Problem solving and trouble shooting
  • Project and task organization and planning
  • Quality assurance/control
  • Relationship management
  • Time management
  • Written communications

Students will focus on theoretical foundational skills of algorithms and complexity, the principles of computational science, discrete structures, graphics and visualization, human-computer interaction, information assurance and security, information management, networking and communication, operating systems, platform-based development, parallel and distributed computing, programming languages, software development fundamentals, software engineering, systems fundamentals, and social issues and professional practices that are vital for today's computer scientists. Coursework includes programming, computer science principles and practices, introduction to SQL, discrete structures, web development, and more!

Upon completion of this program, students should be prepared to transfer to a four-year curriculum or start a career by obtaining an entry position in the computer science/information technology industry. 

Increasing the quality of personal and professional lives in today’s society is largely dependent on effective communication. The Communication program at Western Wyoming Community College teaches students how to effectively communicate with diverse groups and individuals using a variety of methods and approaches.

Students will learn the theoretical and practical perspectives of communication that are necessary and vital skills to be successful in a diverse society and economy. Coursework includes public speaking, intro to persuasion, interpersonal communication, intro to mass media, intercultural communication, and more. 

This degree will transfer to 4-year colleges and universities where a Bachelor’s in Communication degree can be the springboard to a variety of additional occupations than can be obtained with the AA in Communication. 

Western Is The Right Choice - Start Building Your Resume Today!

Here at Western Wyoming Community College we turn your passions into purpose. There are so many reasons to attend Western Wyoming Community College, so you can imagine how hard it was to pick only ten. However we did it! Please check out below the top ten reasons on why YOU should attend Western and become the next Mustang. 

1. Wyoming is ranked #2 in the nation for higher education

In a 2018 study by SmartAsset, the quality of education is much higher in Wyoming than that of our neighboring states. Factors contributing to this are low student-to-faculty ratios – Western’s is 11 students to every professor. Western was also ranked as one of the Top 50 Colleges and Universities in the U.S. for Associates Degrees. Additionally, Wyoming’s state graduation rate is 55%, while the national average is just 28%. Register for the coming semester! 

2. Save $34k in two years

College doesn’t have to be expensive. By coming to Western Wyoming Community College first, you can save big time–up to $17,000 a year on average compared to going to a local University. Western also awarded $8 million in scholarships, grants, and federal aid in 2021/2022. According to U.S. News Wyoming is ranked #4 in the nation for affordable education. Whether you are from Wyoming, out-of-state, an online learner, a traditional student, or an adult learner, Western can help you achieve your dream. Check out Western's Financial Aid options.  

3. NEW Interstate Passport Network

Western participates in the Interstate Passport Network. This network of accredited institutions provides a seamless transfer of the general education block between its members. Students who complete their Interstate Passport at Western will not be required to repeat or take additional coursework to meet core requirements! This applies to the Passport's nine areas when you transfer to any other Passport institution. There are over 67 member institutions in 21 states partnered through Interstate Passport! Transfer to the University of Wyoming or as far away as Hawaii!  

4. Be a part of 80%

Students come first in our book, and we make sure you feel that during your studies here. Through a variety of academic labs, available tutoring, access to professors and more, we give you the tools you need to be successful. This is proven by 80% of all students passing their courses. Your ability to succeed matters here.  

5. Hands on learning and small class sizes

Western’s faculty is known for caring about their students. The small class sizes, 11 students for every professor, make student learning more successful. Western was ranked #10 in the U.S. for Best Student to Faculty Ratio in 2021. Not only do students get more one-on-one time with their instructors, but they also get hands-on opportunities they wouldn’t see until years later at a four-year institution. Find out more about our faculty for your academic major and email them directly to learn more. 

6. Campus is close to residence halls and includes free parking

With Wyoming’s incredible landscape also comes winter weather - great for outdoor activities like skiing and snowboarding, but not always fun for commuting. Western’s residence halls are close to campus so you can get to class as quickly and as comfortably as possible. Not to mention you are 40% more likely to graduate by staying in one of Western’s residence halls. Check out our residence hall options here! Not only do you have a quick commute to class, but Western’s parking is always free - anywhere on campus, and you can rest easy with Western’s six full-time security personnel on campus 24/7. Take a tour or check out the campus map for an overview with pictures.  

7. Vibrant campus with tons of student life activities

Our students can participate in intramural sports, dances, open-mic nights, movie nights, meet with friends in the game room, join clubs, attend off-campus trips and activities as well as enjoy the amenities our campus has to offer. Western offers outdoor rec courses such as whitewater rafting, snowboarding, fly fishing, rock climbing and more. At Western we care about your mental health too! Visit our Wellbeing and Accessibility office to chill out and relax, or talk to someone about how you are feeling. Visit our Student Life page for the details!  

8. Research opportunities with faculty 

Western’s small class sizes and hands-on learning opportunities allow students to participate in awesome research opportunities. Each year students present their research at the Undergraduate Research Symposium. Our student-faculty teams have presented their research around the nation, including the New England Science Symposium held at Harvard Medical School and in front of thousands at the Experimental Biology Conference in San Diego, California. Learn more about Western’s research opportunities!  

9. Be a LEADER at Western 

Western encourages students to take a leadership role in one of the 25 clubs (on average). Not only does this type of role look great on your resume, it helps develop important skills for the workplace after graduation. Western even has leadership scholarship opportunities! Learn more on our Club and Student Government page about honors on our Phi Thea Kappa page. Apply to be a Mustang Ambassador here 

10. Find your strengths with Career Coach  

With Western offering a variety of degree and certificate programs how do you choose the right fit for you? Western has resources to help you find your passion. We’ve implemented Career Coach to help you find a career that matches your strengths and profiles the education you need for those professions. When you have a career vision you are more likely to complete a program of study on time and succeed in your career path.  

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